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Snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountains

Snowshoeing in Estes Park is a special chance to explore the Rocky Mountains during the most peaceful and secluded time of year. Even a short trek out of town can make for a refreshing dose of winter solitude—with no lines, fees or chairlifts in sight, it's easy to get why low-stress, low-maintenance snowshoeing is one of our town's favorite winter activities.

After all, just about anyone who can walk should be able to try snowshoeing without serious difficulty: just strap a pair on, balance with your poles, and take some big steps until you find a rhythm that suits you and the trail conditions. With practice, you'll find the shoe's wide baskets hold and support your feet near the surface, whereas a boot in the same conditions would sink through. Modern snowshoes are designed to be lightweight, and often feature flexible foot plates with toe stoppers for extra gripping power.

For the ultimate Estes Park snowshoeing experience, we recommend our guests check out the touring packages available from the area's local businesses: both Estes Park Outfitters and the Estes Park Mountain Shop offer backcountry trips a short distance from our hotel (the Outfitters are located about 8 miles south of town, where they offer private groomed trails). Footpaths of the World is also known for extra-long trips of 4+ hours. These leave from the Warming House, just down the street from Brynwood on the River!

Of course, you may also prefer to simply rent a pair and go snowshoeing by yourself. In that case, the Estes Park Mountain Shop has you covered with a number of brands to choose from, while the Rocky Mountain National Park has a list of snowshoe routes that's likely to come in handy. These trails reach waterfalls, lakes and even mountain summits—the same routes summer hikers enjoy, with the fresh perspective of a whole new season.

As always, we encourage our guests to take precautions when venturing outdoors: Colorado weather is known for being unpredictable, and it's easy to be sunburned in winter from the snow's reflection. Taking extra water, sunscreen, sunglasses, adequate clothing and researching the day's forecast are all ways to ensure your adventure is fun and safe. Try snowshoeing in Estes Park during your next stay at Brynwood on the River!


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